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Auskick (PP-Yr2)

Auskick Coordinator: Ben Wilson

Year 3

Coach: Brent Glover
Manager: Dee Patrick

Year 4

Coach: Curtis Brand
Manager: Sarah Wilkinson

Year 5

Coach: Dale Clark
Manager: Emma Doyle

Year 6 (Combined with Rostrata)

Coach: Paul Sawyer
Manager: Sue Wilson

Year 7

Coach: Tim Cable
Manager: Lisa Dockery & Kym Dalton

Year 9

Coach: Damien Hewitt
Manager: Troy Conley

Year 10 (Combined with Willetton)

Coach: Callum Flynn
Manager: TBA

Year 11

Coach: Paul Mews
Manager: Kristina Glover

Year 5 & 6 Girls

Coach: Noel Mulligans
Manager: Nicola Davidson

Year 7 & 8 Girls

Coach: Ross Cleaver
Manager: TBA

For futher enquiries please email Meagan.